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A group photo of the current board of directors

Meet the Board of Directors


VSA Nevada was award the “100% Giving Board Award” by the Community Foundation for Western Nevada for having each one of our board members donate to the organization. Thank you!



Charlotte Voitoff
Retired WCSD English Teacher, Artist and mother of a special-needs son
Interim Board President 2013-Present
Photo of Board Vice President Stephanie Pulido
Stefanie Pulido
Board Vice President 2009-Present
Jackie Clay
Director of Retail and Reception Services, Nevada Museum of Art
Board Secretary 2013-Present
Joanne Benz
Independent Consultant, Marketing Research Professional
Board member since 2012
Leslie Caron
Sustainability Manager, NVA250 (Nevada Venture Accelerator)
Board member since 2013
Michael Edmonson
Senior Tax Associate, Grant Thorton LLP
Board member since 2013

Photo of Board member Marion Hose

Marion Hose
Principal, AMH Properties
Board member since 2009
Photo of Board member Candy Schneider
Candy Schneider
VP of Education and Outreach , The Smith Center for the Performing Arts
Board member since 2006
Photo of Board member Shannon Ward
Shannon Ward
Special Education Administrator, Washoe County School District
Board member since 2010
VSA Nevada was founded in 1986.  The following individuals served on VSA Nevada’s past board of directors contributing to VSA Nevada’s success.  Thank you!
Ken Albright, Shirley Altick, MICHELE ATTAWAY, *Joanne Benz, Pam Bobay, Dorothy Bokelamn, Phil Bryan, Francesca Brake, *Leslie Caron, Jim Chamberlain, Vonne Chowning, Sue Clark, *Jackie Clay, Lenore Cornille, Micheline Crawford, Deborah Davis, Kelley DeRiemer, Gloria Dopf, Audree Druen, Joan L. Dyer, Jane Early, *Michael Edmonson, Cecelia Gable, Marie Gibson, David Graham, Marna Griffin, Robert Guerrero, Dan Harper, Mella Harmon,Jenni Faith Harrison, Fran Harvey,*Marion Hose, JUDY ISHIBASHI, Mary Jackson, CAREN JENKINS, GAYLE KERN, Michael Klaich, Beth Kohn, Caryl Larva, Rosemary McMillan, Kathy Olson, Sharon Payne-Parsons, Gail Pfrommer, Chris Priaulx,*Stefanie Pulido, Scott Reynolds,*Candy Schneider, Jeff Stieber, Andrew Stifler, LORETTA TERLIZZI, *CHARLOTTE VOITOFF, Gary Waters, Bea J. Whitney, Linda Williams, *Shannon Ward, SARAH WOODMAN.
Names in caps served as Board Presidents, *serving presently