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Art work hanging in the art access gallery

Meet the Exhibiting Artists


VSA Nevada recognizes that ALL artists face challenges in exhibiting and selling their work.  This may be especially true for artists who have a disability and why VSA Nevada has established several ways for the public to enjoy and purchase unique work from Nevada’s talented artists.

  • VSA Nevada’s “Art Access Gallery”  at the Lake Mansion provides a location for artists with disabilities to exhibit and sell their work (85% of each sale to the artist, 15% to VSA Nevada).   Artists include: Wayne Belvin, Conner Fogal, Constancia Gafeney, Veronica Galati, Jenni F. Harrison, Mack Nez Johnson, Ray Johnson, Ric Johnson, Jerry Kingsley, J.M. Lamoreux, Ted Mark, Donnie Coffman Micchiche, Peggy Mills, Ross Nagle,  Christopher Parkins, Valerie Parks, Erich Pichler, Norman Platt, Quinton Salas, Craig Smyres, Mindy Steadman, Rochelle Swanson, Melanie Trinkle, Michael Tsaphah, John Waymire and Karen Wheeler.  If you would like to learn more about these artists, several have submitted statements below.

Please contact VSA Nevada’s Program Director at 826-6100, ext 2# or if you are an artist interested in the “Art Access Gallery”.

  • VSA (national) Artists with Disabilities Registry. Are you a visual/performing artist  with a disability? Join VSA’s free Artists Registry to receive numerous benefits and exposure. Follow this link to learn more about applying.
  • VSA Nevada exhibit/art sales for ALL artists.  Periodically VSA Nevada provides an accessible location for artists/crafters to exhibit and sell their work.  Opportunities include our annual Holiday Art Mart and a new event, the Annual Flint Street Festival in July.  Please contact info@vsanevada if you are intersted in this opportunity.
  • VSA Nevada as the beneficiary of art shows.   Annually, Connections, an artist collective, produces the yART Sale the second Saturday in July.  20% of all sales are donated to VSA Nevada.

Below is a list of emerging or professional artists who reside in Nevada and have registered with either VSA at the national level or with VSA Nevada.

Please note that the artists designated with an asterisk *, sell their artwork in VSAN’s “Art Access Gallery” at the Lake Mansion

Wayne Belvins… Artist statement pending

*Conner Fogal

*Constancia Gafeney

*Veronica Galati

*Jenni F. Harrison

*Mack Nez Johnson

*Ray Johnson

*Ric Johnson

*Jerry Kingsley…Artist statement pending

*J.M. Lamoreux

*Ted Mark

*Peggy Mills

Ross Nagle… Artist statement pending

*Christopher Parkins

Valerie Parks

*Erich Pichler

*Norman Platt

Quinton Salas… Artist statement pending

*Craig SmyresArtist statement pending

Mindy Steadman… Artist statement pending

*Rochelle Swanson

Melanie Trinkle… Artist statement pending

John Waymire… Artist statement pending

*Karen Wheeler