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Youth Art Month Exhibit at the Lake Mansion


through April 30, 2014

Featuring the talent of Washoe and Carson City youth who are participating in VSA arts of Nevada workshops in their special education classrooms.  VSAN talented creative movement, theater and visual teaching artists conduct close to 1,000 workshops in 34 elementary, middle and high schools, 65 classrooms!  A sample of the artwork created is on exhibit at the Lake Mansion, Monday – Friday from 10AM – 4PM and for special events including VSAN’s Annual Youth Art Month Festival on March 15 from 10 AM -2 PM.  Each child participates in approximately 10 one hour workshops thanks to VSAN many funders.  There are several individual pieces and group projects to enjoy.

Visitors will find there is no disability in art!

VSAN teaching residency artists include:

Jordon Cervalli (visual)

Lorna Denton (visual)

LaRonda Etheridge (theater)

Grace Hoke (creative movement)

Gene Hughes (visual)

Alita Lutrick (visual)

Vivian Olds (visual)

Natalia Pascucci (viual)

Stephanie Richardson (theater)

Paula Robison (visual)

Elaine Slikkerveer (visual)

Paige Smith-Wyatt (visual)